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The Blues Brothers 128K

Right, It is now time to get back to attempting to code some of this again. It’s a good couple of years old and I think I may have to try to figure out all the code again. I usually fill the code with comments, and this code doesn’t actually look that bad, so fingers […]

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Calling all coders

Good afternoon !!! The reason for this post is quite simple really.  As you all may be aware, this is a sister website to the Z80 Assembly Programming for the ZX Spectrum group on facebook.  The facebook group was created for all levels of coder, and a place to be able to get good quality […]

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ZX Spectrum Screen Memory Layout

The Spectrum screen memory map is split into two sections: 6144 bytes worth of bitmap data, starting at memory address &4000 (16384d) 768 byte colour attribute data, immediately after the bitmap data at address &5800 (22528d) Bitmap data layout The bitmap data starts at address &4000 and consists of 192 lines of 32 bytes. Pixels are encoded as bits; […]

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Z80 Assembly Development Environment on the Mac part 2

Here is the second video from Mike Daley with some extra information on building and running your asm from inside the editor. I had a play with Sublime Text 3 and the build feature inside Z80asm. I mentioned in a previous post that you could do your builds from inside ST but I’d not tried […]

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Z80 Assembly Development Environment on the Mac

A member of the ZX Spectrum Assembly for the ZX Spectrum Facebook group has created a couple of videos on how to set yourself up coding for the Z80 on a MAC. Over to Mike Daley, ‘I’ve been asked a few times how I develop for the Spectrum on the Mac so I’ve done a […]

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Z80 ZX Spectrum Books

There is currently a poll going on in the ZXAsm Facebook group, where everyone is choosing their favourite books.. Once that poll is complete, there will be a post here with links to as many of the electronic versions of those books as I can find. So! Get your arse over to the poll and vote […]

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