Z80 Assembly Programming Challenge #8 !!!

You want more????  Are you sure you can handle more?????  Ok, here ya go then, 😀 !!!!!!


First of all, the facebook group page is here, and our chatrooms are here

1024 bytes… yes 1K!!! (thats an entire zx81 😀 ).. Write a game, demo, music disk… what ever you want, BUT no rom routines.. you have the memory to include your own font etc, so no moaning…. Anything goes

1) No ROM access, reading or writing. Assume memory is in a random state.

2) You MAY still use HALT to time things, but thats all, assume interrupts are ON and IM 1 is selected. (You are free to do something use for interrupts if you like however)

3) Do what the hell you like with the rest of memory…

4) all entries must be emailed to compo@zxasm.net, you must not post code to this or other websites/facebook groups before the end of the compo.

5) The entry will be tested on a 128k +3 machine (well via various emulators)

6) End of compo Midnight GMT 31st August 2016.. that gives you plenty of time 🙂

At the end anyone who enters can vote.. 3 points to the first place ,2 points to their second place and 1 point to their 3rd.. If you dont select a 1st, 2nd, 3rd I dont count it as a valid vote.