Z80 Assembly Programming Challenge #7

Compo #7

While we are sorting out the next compo to create a game, we thought we would have a quicker size optimising compo. Ive attached an example, smallest entry wins.. 🙂 Final size is the size of the code plus any initialised variables, you cannot assume RAM will be 0 though.

DETAILS: You must scroll the given scroll text across the screen using attributes rather than pixels.

1) You may use the ROM Font located at $3d00 but no other ROM access is allowed. You cannot Read or Write to any other location below $4000 other than the FONT memory.
2) The scrolltext is included in the size of the entry, but you are free to encode it how you like, it must read correctly when run.
3) The scrolltext must loop constantly
4) You must include a halt (or similar) for timing. You are free to assume interrupts will be enabled.
5) The text must be in bright white on black (with a black border)
6) It must be on the top 8 attribute lines
7) All entries MUST BE EMAILED TO compo@zxasm.net. DO NOT POST source code to the group (Or other websites) before the end of the compo else your entry will be disqualified.
😎 Your program can be anywhere you like in RAM

SCROLLTEXT: Welcome to the Z80 Assembly Programming On The ZX Spectrum Compo #7 ScrollText……

DEADLINE: 9am GMT July 18th.