Month: July 2016

ZX Prism – Solid Progress (by SJB)

Development of a FPGA based Spectrum Compatible computer. The ZX Prism should remain compatible with the ZX Spectrum whilst expanding its graphics and memory. “So much progress since the last update! First up, I finally found why esxDOS wasn’t working properly on Prism. Turns out that the divMMC automapper was working perfectly. The problem was […]

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Writing a ZX Spectrum Emulator – Part 1: The Beeper

Writing a ZX Spectrum Emulator Part 1: The Beeper By Adrian Brown   On the ZXAsm chat channel recently there was a lot of discussion about writing spectrum emulators. Having written a very basic one many (around 20) years ago, I thought it was about time to try and do one properly. While there seems […]

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Z80 Assembly Programming Challenge #7

Compo #7 While we are sorting out the next compo to create a game, we thought we would have a quicker size optimising compo. Ive attached an example, smallest entry wins.. 🙂 Final size is the size of the code plus any initialised variables, you cannot assume RAM will be 0 though. DETAILS: You must […]

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