Month: June 2016

Assembling for ZX Spectrum 128K (how I do it)…

Hey all ! I had an idea….. that I should document the way I edit/assemble/run my ZX Spectrum assembly code. This isn’t going to be a coding tutorial, there are much better coders who can do that ;),  It’s just to show you the software and utilities I use to code. So, let’s get started…

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The Blues Brothers: ZX Spectrum 128K WIP

Update Here is a quick demo of where I am at with my creation of The Blues Brothers for the 128K ZX Spectrum. Works Compression/Decompression Tile Routine Paging memory Viewport display PT3 AY music player Interrupts are working correctly Flipping the screen pages Title screen is done Loading of data into the correct memory pages […]

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Digger !!!

Hey all !!! I was chatting with a very nice lady that I work with today (well, Emma is based in Australia), about old computer games.  Emma mentioned a game for the PC that she used to play back in the 80s called Digger. Now.. I remembered the name and had a vague idea that […]

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The Blues Brothers 128K

Right, It is now time to get back to attempting to code some of this again. It’s a good couple of years old and I think I may have to try to figure out all the code again. I usually fill the code with comments, and this code doesn’t actually look that bad, so fingers […]

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